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Fun Things To Do While Enjoying Cannabis

The social and political landscape surrounding the use of medicinal and recreational cannabis has grown in the last decade. The use of cannabis continues to grow more expansive, with over 40 million adults indulging in cannabis daily. However, those who choose to ingest cannabis are not doing enough. If you want to experience your cannabis fully, you must partake in fun activities while high! Here are five things to do while high.


One of the most common things to do while medicated is participating in meditation. Often, this is done subconsciously, thanks to the psychoactivity and sedation of the flowers or edibles you’ve chosen. However, partaking in conscious meditation after cannabis intake can be quite the experience. With strains available to help you clear your mind, meditation after cannabis intake can be the perfect activity to decompress. Additionally, meditation isn’t just limited to being couch-locked while zoning out. Meditation is the conscious absence of all thoughts. Theoretically, performing meditation after ingesting cannabis can significantly boost its effects.


As the day grows longer, the list of daily objectives and concerns often expands with it. Like meditation, yoga is a fun and healthy thing to do after enjoying cannabis. There is a slew of forms of yoga to partake in. Most types of yoga have the endgame of aligning the seven chambers of spiritual energy within the body. These are known as chakras. The chakras can be aligned with the help of concentrated breathing and particular yoga poses. 

For starters, typical whole-body warm-up stretches should be performed. Yoga poses such as downward dog, rising sun, and the quiet lotus are some fundamental yoga poses that can improve physical and mental flexibility while stimulating blood flow. It is also a sound method of boosting the effects of your chosen strain of cannabis.

Visit the museum

Adding to the list of things to do while high is taking a trip to your local art museum. After you have enjoyed that joint of Rainbow Kush, why not take a ride to your local art museum? There is always a fresh exhibit to experience. Art museums are filled with culture, sentimentality, and yore. Art museums are constantly adding unique pieces and exhibits.

Additionally, the art museum’s architecture is often something work basking in and exploring. If you are looking for fun activities while high, the art museum should be added to your itinerary. The best is that most art museums are free! What beats free?

Treat yourself to a new eatery

Has that new Thai restaurant had its grand opening months ago, but you have yet to make a reservation? As soon as you finish that Northern Lights, why not get a bite to eat somewhere unexplored and adventurous? Another fun activity to do while high is to eat something different. Be spontaneous. Take a walk outside of your element and try that fried squid you have been pondering. It can’t be that bad.

Visit the park

When is the last time you have been to your local park? Have you been since the renovations made by the town? If the chances are slim to none, it is time to stroll through the park. So why not walk the nature trail near the park? Enjoying the swing for a brief moment is not a bad idea after enjoying cannabis. Go one step further and lend a hand to some wild trash while enjoying that scenic route? It’s a win-win!

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